In February 2021 Tom announced his participation in creating short films with Save the Children UK and Discovery RISE called Little Discoveries, raising awareness and funds for those most in need during the pandemic; the kids?

When COVID-19 hit, Save the Children worked closely with communities to establish families’ greatest needs. They found that school closures, job losses and economic hardship posed a severe threat to children’s learning – especially for families already living on low incomes.

Tom is helping by creating short cooking videos with Discovery called ‘Little Discoveries’ which aims to get kids cooking some simple but delicious meals at home. There are other videos available in the ‘Little Discoveries’ series each presented by an expert host who will show you some fun family-friendly activities we can all do indoors.

Tom hopes to get kids cooking with three simple recipes: Speedy Banana Ice cream, Easy Peasy Ham and Pea Pasta and Smiley Pancakes. Delicious!

Tom, Discovery and Save the Children are asking for you to donate. Your money will go to Save the Children’s Emergency Grants programme that provides advice and resources like supermarket food vouchers, essential household items and books that support children’s healthy early development.

Check them out using the link below to see what you can make with the small people in your life.

Donations can be made via the link below or via Save the Children website.