Swede and Black Pepper Soup with Crispy Haggis and Granny Smith apple


Soup ingredients (4 portions);

1 large Spanish onion, peeled and sliced

3 garlic cloves, peeled and sliced

1kg swede, peeled and roughly chopped

30g Vegetable Bouillon

50g Unsalted butter

50ml vegetable cooking oil

1 litre water

10g Cracked black pepper



Place onion, garlic, butter and oil in a suitable pan. Cook on medium heat until soft (5-10 minutes).

Add swede and all other ingredients. Simmer until swede is tender. Blend until smooth.

Serve with; Crispy haggis, diced granny smith apple, crispy pearl barley- soak pearl barley in water overnight then deep fry until crispy.


Haggis recipe- for Soup garnish and Scotch Egg

300g Minced lamb shoulder

100g minced lamb liver

100g minced lamb heart

100g minced lamb lung

80g minced lamb fat

5g ground all spice

10g Cracked black pepper

10g table salt

60g Fine oat meal

80g jumbo porridge oats

10g Worcestershire sauce


Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix.

Reserve half the mix for the scotch egg and steam the other half of mix in a suitable dish for 30mins, chill ready to dice and fry until crispy for the soup.

Haggis Scotch Egg with Swede Purée



Raw Haggis

Soft boiled Quail egg – boiled for 2minutes 10 seconds in boiling water and refreshed in ice water, peeled, ready for use

Flour, egg and panko breadcrumb for pane


Place 80g of haggis around each Quail egg, place in the fridge and allow to firm up for 1 hour.

Once firm light roll in flour, then beaten egg and finally panko breadcrumbs.

Ready to fry at 180°c in a deep fat fryer for 4minutes, serve with caramelised swede purée.


Caramelised swede puree.

1kg swede diced quite small

100g butter


150ml double cream


Place butter in a large frying pan and place on a medium heat. Once butter has turned nut brown add diced swede and season (this will help to bring all the moisture out of the swede) cook on a medium to low heat until all swede has caramelised. Next drain in a colander and place in a blender adding enough warm double cream to blend a smooth purée, keep warm ready to serve with scotch egg and reserve the rest for the main course risotto.

Caramelised Swede risotto with glazed Lamb Sweetbread and homemade raisins

caramelised Swede Risotto

Ingredients (2 portions);

25g unsalted butter, 1 shallot, fine dice

160g Diced swede, quite small, 50ml White wine

150ml Chicken stock, 50g Caramelised swede purée

50g Parmesan

6 Lamb sweetbreads- poached in seasoned boiling water for 5 minutes then chilled and any membrane removed

Homemade raisins- place grapes in a warm airing cupboard or in a very low oven to de-hydrate for 8-12 hours


Place butter in a suitable saucepan, add shallot and cook on a low heat until soft. Add swede and season, deglaze with white wine. Next start adding stock in small batches like you would for a risotto. Depending on the size of the dice with determine how long it will take for the swede to cook. Once the swede starts to get tender add little stock and turn off the heat and next is the cooking of the sweetbread.

Dust them lightly with seasoned flour, place a frying pan on a medium to high heat and very carefully add the sweetbreads, once they start to colour turn the heat down slightly and turn over and add a very generous spoon of unsalted butter and this should start to foam. Carefully baste this foaming butter over the sweetbread for one minute, then drain on a piece of kitchen paper.

Return your risotto to the heat and add your parmesan and  stir until it combined. Place your risotto into a warm bowl, topped with crispy sweetbreads, place a few raisins on top and finish with a fresh grating of orange zest all over your dish.

Raspberry, Whiskey and Vanilla “Cranachan” Trifle


Raspberry Jelly (serves 4-6);

500g Frozen Raspberry’s,

50g castor sugar

75ml Whiskey

4 Bronze Leaf Gelatine

Place Raspberry’s and Sugar in a bowl and cling film tightly and place over a pan of boiling water and steam for 30-45minutes.

Pass through a fine sieve, squeezing all juice out of the Raspberry’s.

To 350ml of Raspberry juice add 75ml of whiskey.

Place 4 sheets of Gelatine into cold water to bloom, once soft warm a small amount of the juice and add gelatine until dissolved then add this to rest of the juice and mix. Place 30-40g of jelly in each serving dish and chill ready for next layer.


Vanilla Panna cotta;

215ml Double Cream

70ml Milk

25g Castor Sugar

1 vanilla pod or tsp of vanilla essence

1 leaf of gelatine.


Place cream, milk, sugar and vanilla in a saucepan and bring to the boil. While heating this mix place gelatine in cold water and allow to get soft.

Once soft, squeeze out all excess water and dissolve gelatine in cream mix. Allow to chill to room temp.

Once jelly has set, pour 60-70g of panna cotta on top of jelly and return to fridge to set.



Heather Honey Chantilly Cream- 150g double cream, 25g icing sugar,25g heather honey, whisk until soft peaks and place in a piping bag ready to pipe on top of panna cotta.

Fresh Raspberry’s

Toasted oats- mix 50g oats with 15g of butter and 10g honey, place on a baking tray and bake at 160c for 8-10 minutes until golden.


To Serve;

Place a generous amount of fresh raspberries on top of the Panna Cotta mix, fill in all gaps with Chantilly cream and sprinkle toasted oat mix and enjoy.