This year Christmas is set to be extra special.


Getting the right turkey is a crucial part of the Christmas meal. We all have our own personal traditions, but I think we can agree that a great centrepiece for the dinner table brings us together.


This year we’re taking the fuss out of Christmas by bringing you Tom Kerridge Turkeys, delivered straight to your front door.


I’ve teamed up with my local farmer, Copas Turkeys, to make sure you get the best quality turkey for the most important meal of the year!

tom K and turkeys

The family started rearing turkeys back in 1957. Now in its 63rd year, Copas Turkeys truly remains a family business. This means they’ve been led by the same values and artisan methods since the very beginning, ensuring these prize birds live a long life, roaming across meadows. With their focus on husbandry and animal welfare, all Copas Turkeys are given the care and attention they deserve.

Copas Turkeys are loved by some of Britain’s best butchers, farm shops, delis, and food halls as well as a loyal following of farm gate customers.


Christmas is truly a day of celebration. You should be able to relax, which is why we’re dedicating ourselves to producing these award-winning turkeys and bringing them to your table for Christmas dinner.

turkey farm

But what makes these turkeys different?


At Copas, turkeys are truly free-range. They spend their lives in spacious cherry orchards & grass meadows once they’re old enough – usually six weeks old. Throughout the summer they range across the grassy hillsides to help them develop strong bones and muscles. Due to their long lives, Copas Turkeys are enjoying the outside well before most alternatives have even hatched!

Flock sizes are limited to 2500 if not smaller to reduce competition for food and give the birds more space to thrive. The birds roam on organic certified paddocks free from chemicals or pesticides. They’re even provided with musical instruments to keep them entertained!

Too many turkey’s destinies are determined on when they reach the popular weight categories, rather than age. The industry standard is around two months old. At this point turkeys have developed their skeletal structure but still haven’t reached full maturity. However, the prime time for the meat is between 5-7 months old and Copas turkeys are allowed all this time to develop slowly to develop their superior fat cover naturally.

Their longer life means that their meat is denser and this natural fat layer makes traditional dry plucking possible, an integral step that allows the birds to be game-hung. It also means that Copas Turkeys don’t need to be basted, buttered, or covered with bacon to retain their succulence, they’re perfect just as they are.

Dry plucking by hand is slow and labour intensive. However, because the Turkey is kept dry, they can be game-hung for two weeks. This natural ageing process is one of the main reasons why these turkeys taste so great. It results in extremely tender meat and a superior depth of flavour.


Tom Kerridge turkey boxes are now available to order now.
turkey box contents

Not only will you receive an extra special turkey, but we’re also providing a full spread, including bread sauce, cranberry sauce, stuffing, gravy, and pigs in blankets. It wouldn’t be Christmas without the extras.


Everything you need to complement the delicious turkey that will be the centre of your Christmas dinner table.